12 Beach Essentials For The Wellness Lover

Growing up in Naples, Florida I was fortunate enough to live only a mile from the beach. It was the most exhilarating feeling to wake up, jump on the Vespa and speed off to the beach with just my wallet and bikini. Living it NYC makes it a little more complicated as it's not just a scooter or bike ride away. It's always refreshing to pack light but here are a few wellness- lover must-haves for a perfect day at the beach or surfing the Rockaways.

1. Sunscreen

Supergoop has an amazing line of products using clean ingredients that actually work. Try their totally invisible unseen sunscreen for your face and their lightweight antioxidant rich, whipped mousse for your body.

2. Snacks

After being diagnosed with Crohn’s and having to alter my diet and lifestyle drastically I have learned the importance of always having “emergency food”. While a platter of items from whole foods would be phenomenal, it’ requires a cooler and a bit more planning. Some great healthy options are the perfect bar or carrot sticks, fresh or dehydrated.

3. Water

The sun can wipe you of hydration so it’s important to always have at least a bottle of water on you. Soma or S'well bottles are great for sustainability and keeping your beverage cold. Add a splash of chlorophyll to your water for an extra refreshing boost of nutrients.

4. Sunglasses & hat

A must. Who wants wrinkles from squinting or damaged skin from a sunburn.

5. Aromatherapy

It's great for heightening your senses and smelling wonderful. The serenity roller smells heavenly and will help you zen out for a summer siesta on the beach.

6. Natural Deodorant

The summer heat really gets the sweat glands working. Aurelia botanical cream deodorant is simply amazing and completely natural. It's a great way to freshen up mid-day. Yes it comes as a cream but I promise you it’s worth it and will become your new favorite deodorant.

7. Book

Because who doesn’t love a great beach read. If you want a good fiction option try “Shantram” and if you want to do some soul searching try “Awaken” or "Open Wide".

8. Polaroid camera

There is something so gratifying and wonderful about physical photos in our current overly technological world. Snap a few shots with your Fujifilm Instax and create a collage for your room.

9. DIY Body Scrub

Avoid clogging your bathtub and take your DIY body scrub to the beach.

10. Scarf

To keep your hair out of your face. Cuyana has some beautiful silk scarfs.

11. Turkish Towel

Save space and weight by bringing a Turkish towel to the beach. It's just as big as a regular towel but much thinner so only takes up a fraction of the space.

12. Speaker

Don't get me wrong, the sound of the ocean is one of my favorites but if you are going to a somewhat crowded beach then it makes sense to create your own soundtrack. I love the UE bluetooth speaker because it's waterproof and if you want to connect multiple speakers you can do so easily. Plus, nothing else beats the wireless bluetooth quality.

Hope you enjoy!

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