Travel Essentials & How To Pack Like A Pro

August is in full swing and it's time to soak up and squeeze in some last minute summer adventures!

Whether a weekend getaway or an extended vacation, I feel like everyone is always scrambling with last minute packing. Maybe that's just my friends ;) but here is a quick guide of your travel necessities to make sure you packed the essentials yet aren't over-packing.

Travel Essentials for the flight

There is nothing worse than being unprepared for a long flight. My phobia of starving to death or dying of thirst on a plane may be excessive but it's not fun to be super dehydrated or famished enough to resort to plane food.

Having a face mister, hand lotion, an eye mask and some good entertainment goes a LONG way. Here are a few essentials that will make any flight more enjoyable.

Flight essentials

How to pack light

There is nothing more exhilarating than the ability to be spontaneous and easily adaptable on your trip.

Packing light makes for a more adventurous trip as you can easily get around and don't have to worry about lugging a huge suitcase up stairs or onto crowded subways/trains and boats.

Since I was a kid, my mother would always take me on an adventurous summer vacation. Instead of spending a week at a luxury resort, we would spend 2 months camping across the U.S. or 1 month adventuring to an exotic location like Thailand.

I had to learn (the hard way) how to pack appropriately because sometimes our “hotel” was a tree-house on the side of an island that could only be accessed by boat in high tide. One year this was the case and the tide was low so the only way to get there was by walking on a narrow path through the jungle for about 45 minutes.

Below is the remote location of the Viking Nature Resort.

Unfortunately, that year I traveled with a very large suitcase and it was quite the complicated and frustrating experience. Since then I have listened to my mom's advice about always backing light.

Normally those items you "might wear once" end up untouched in the bottom of your suitcase. For example, if there is a small chance of rain on your trip don't pack an umbrella or rain jacket. Most likely you will stay inside and if NEED BE you can always purchase one while traveling.

Instead, pack things that can be mixed and matched and worn multiple times with other items. The best rule of thumb is to pack for only half the time you are gone. How many times have you not touched half the items in your suitcase?

If it's not a HELL YES then its a HELL NO and needs to be left in your closet.

I am so thankful that at a young age my mother taught me the ropes of being a true travel adventurer as it allowed allowed for some very exciting, spontaneous and memorable experiences.

Life is already so overcrowded and complex. De-clutter and bring only the essentials so you aren't stuck with an obnoxiously large and over-stuffed suitcase of unnecessary items. I promise you will have more fun.

Here’s what I’m bringing to 10 days in Spain. It all fits in the small AWAY carry-on.

Carry on packing list

  • Pants: 1 pair jeans, 2 pairs yoga pants (because they are thin and comfy for travel)

  • Shorts: 2 (1 black high-crop and 1 white highcrop jean shorts)

  • Dresses/rompers: 6 total (2 for day, 2 for night, 2 for day to night)

  • Shoes: 3 pairs (sneakers for plane + walking, flats for strolling + beach & heals for dressing up)

  • Yoga top: 1

  • Tops: 6 (versatile for day and night and with multiple bottoms...all crops bc they take up little room)

  • Bathing suit: 4 (because it's a beach vacation and I want to circulate tan lines)

  • Jean jacket: 1 (for the flight and in case it gets cold in the evenings)

  • Sweater: 2 (1 long-sleeve shirt, 1 thicker sweater for the plane)

  • Socks/underwear/bras: enough for 1 week

  • Pajamas: 1 t-shirt

  • Toiletries: Deodorant, 3.4 oz bottle shampoo & conditioner, tothbursh, toothpaste, face cream with spf, sunscreen, cleansing pads, cleansing oil facial serum, bloom facial oil

  • Electronics: Phone, laptop, airpods, phone and laptop charger, bluetooth speaker

  • Bags: 3 ( 1 large purse for the flight, 1 lightweight beach bag, 1 small over the shoulder purse)

  • Hat: 1 unnecessary and large hat (because I love it and want to protect my skin)

  • Crystals: 2 (tiny ones for protection during travel, warding off negative energy and grounding)

  • Towel: 1 turkish lightweight towel for the beach (same one from flight essentials)

Hope this helps and you embark on a spontaneous adventure-filled trip!

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