Insider's Guide to Surfing the Rockaways

Looking for a beach day trip that doesn't involve taking the train all the way to Ditch Plains in Montauk?

Take a ferry to Far Rockaway instead. It's a quick and beautiful 1 hour boat ride that will take you directly to the beach! Plus it only costs you $2.75! It's honestly a win win for all you Manhattanees needing a quick escape to nature.

The ferry departs from Wall Street at Pier 11. Don't worry if you miss one as they depart about every 30 minutes on weekends. For a full schedule go here.

Pro tip: Take a morning ferry. If you take one after 11am it gets a bit crowded.

Pro tip 2: Download the app. It saves you SO much TIME.

Once you arrive there will be 2 FREE shuttles waiting to drive you a few blocks directly to the beach.

Take the one heading East (there will be super fancy piece of paper taped to the window indicating the direction).

Get off at 92nd street (1st stop).

If you start heading toward the beach you will find Boarders Surf Shop (192 B 92nd Street)

A surfboard rental for up to 4 hours is $35 and a full day rental is $50.

It's just a few blocks from the surf shop to the beach but clearly too complicated for some of us (Hi!).

Actual footage of my trying to multitask and struggling to make it to the beach.

Made it!

The 92nd street beach is only meant for surfers so they will try and stop you if you don't have a board with you. Just say you left it on the beach if you are going with someone who didn't bring a surfboard.

It can get pretty busy so the earlier you get there the better.

Then go enjoy the lineup and rolling waves!

I don't remember the last time I smiled so much and felt completely content. There is something about the ocean that rejuvenates the soul. Even if you can't surf, floating on your board and soaking up the rays while waiting in the "lineup" is well worth the trip. Or simply basking in the sun on your beach towel and watching the surfers is quite delightful as well.

If you are feeling cheeky try a DIY Moringa body scrub at the beach. Simply mix salt flakes with coconut oil and moringa.

Otherwise grab a taco and watermelon margarita at Rockaway Beach Surf Club.

Get there early (by 3pm/4pm) or prepare to wait in line a while for your taco and elote.

It's casual and super cute. And the watermelon margaritas are made with REAL watermelon! The food items aren't the "healthiest" (its basic tacos and fried fish) but the quac is delicious!

In the mood to shop? Check out The SwellLife for some great beachy boutique finds. It's located around the corner from Boarders Surf Shop.

Then take the shuttle or uber back to the ferry and head on back to the city.

Want to know what's in my beach bag? New post coming soon.

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