5 Must-Listen-To Health & Wellness Podcasts

Are you a podcast fanatic?

If so that makes two of us.

But this wasn’t always the case for me. Two years ago you couldn’t pay me enough to listen to podcasts. I heard about the serial rave and gave it a go, only to fall asleep from complete boredom (sorry to all you serial lovers!).

Recently I gave it another shot and have been OBSESSED ever since. I started listening to inspiring and empowering podcasts in the health and wellness industry that have motivated me to challenge my personal growth and become more fearless in growing my brand.

AirPods have been a complete game changer for listening to my podcasts (and music!). They are a bit of an investment but will change your life. I normally pop them in and begind my morning commute to work

Here are a few of my favorites, including a top episode from each. But seriously, all of the episodes from the below podcasts have been outstanding so I highly recommend exploring others yourself. It’s the perfect re-calibration for a lazy Sunday on the beach.

1. Brand Yourself by Blair Badenhop

Blair is a wellness copywriter and brand strategist. Her goal is to coax the business vision out of you. She is a marketer with a background in integrative health and wellness who helps entrepreneurs create distinct brand identities. Blair herself comes across as so genuine and has interviewed some really grounded, inspiring and accomplished women in the wellness industry. I highly recommend all her podcasts because even if you aren't an entrepreneur there is so much knowledge to gain and apply to your life in many different facets.

Must Listen Episode

Episode 21: Why Authenticity Makes you Magnetic with Melissa Ambrosini

About the episode

Maybe it was her Australian accent or the positivity that Melissa exudes, but whatever it was I was completely drawn to her and captivated by this episode. I highly recommend it.

In this podcast she talks about

  • What led her to transition from an actress and professional dancer to a coach, speaker, and best-selling author

  • How being herself and using her authentic voice was her initial marketing strategy and why it’s helped her build an audience of tens of thousands

  • Her top recommendations for sharing openly about your life and business on Instagram to establish real relationships with your following

  • Why she subscribes to the idea that if it’s not a “hell yea,” it’s a “hell no” and how that has served her

  • How letting her intuition lead has changed her life and why she is so devoted to trusting it

  • Why she believes it’s so important to transform your relationship with money in order to attract more of it into your life

  • The role her morning ritual plays in her mindset and how she stays committed to it

2. Melissa Ambrosini Show

Melissa (who was interviewed by Blair above) is the bestselling author of Mastering Your Mean Girl, a motivational speaker, an entrepreneur and self-love teacher. Named a 'self-help guru' by Elle Magazine, her message — that love is sexy, healthy is liberating, and wealthy isn’t a dirty word — has inspired women across the globe to activate their dreams and live life on their own terms. She interviews all sorts of people in the wellness industry from personal growth to healthy eating.

Must Listen Episode

Episode 113: From Scarcity To Abundance with Lisa Nichols

About the episode

Lisa is a self taught motivational speaker who has undergone the biggest transformation herself. She is a true powerhouse who started from the very bottom.

She's a personal transformation guru, life coach for the Steve Harvey Show and Today, a hugely successful entrepreneur with a publicly traded company… and that’s just for starters! She’s also a New York Times bestselling author with seven books to her name, including the must-read Abundance Now.

Success didn't just fall into her lap, she was a single mother living on welfare and spent YEARS learning and gaining knowledge in any way she possibly could.

Topics include:

  • Her incredible story from scarcity and struggle, through to freedom and abundance (07:54)

  • How to create a powerful mindset shift in your own life (12:14)

  • The powerful (and free) exercise to rewire your brain from lack to abundance (16:12)

  • What abundance means to her (23:09)

  • The key to creating the life you want (27:04)

  • What nobody tells you about taking action (and what to do if you’re stuck) (34:18)

  • Why abundance is your birthright (40:45)

  • The 4 unusual factors that led to her success (42:10)

  • How she lost 90 pounds (53:56)

Favorite highlights:

  • I loved when Lisa talked about mirror work. It's honestly not something I feel comfortable doing but I am going to give it a shot by finishing the below 3 sentences every morning after brushing my teeth:

  • I’m proud that you...

  • I forgive you for...

  • I commit to you...

  • We wake up each morning knowing we only have 24 hrs in the day to accomplish something so we have no excuse as to why we can’t accomplish it if it’s our priority.

  • Study and leap. You will fly or fall but regardless of the outcome: repeat. Prepare to leap 1000 times because you may fly on the first try but likely not and if you keep at it you will finally soar.

  • Be a teacher and a student at the same time. Live in a constant duality of pouring and receiving at the same time.

  • Recognize you can’t get there alone. You need family and you need a tribe.

  • Come up with 3 things you can do to increase your finances and hold yourself accountable.

  • If people are crossing the line it’s not because they are rude it’s because your line isn’t deep enough in the sand.

  • We can get back everything (money, clothes, house etc) but we CANNOT get back time.

3. The Chasing Joy Podcast

This podcast is by Georgie who wants to bring positive energy and inspire self care and self love among others. I have listened to a handful of her podcasts and they are always enriching and deeply motivating.

Must Listen Episode

Episode 73: How to Harness Feminine Energy, Why Slowing Down is Hard and the Power of Polarity in Relationships with Maddy Moon

About the episode

Madelyn Moon is a coach, retreat leader and speaker teaching women how to slow down and step fully into their feminine power and energy. Today on the podcast we dive DEEP into what that really means and looks like.

After years of building armor through disordered eating and control, Maddy realized she was ready to change. Five years later, and lots of deep self work she’s empowering other women to evolve, too.

Maddy is fully present, powerful and herself. This episode is so full of information and inspiration. Definitely, one you want to have your pen and paper out for.

On this Episode:

  • Maddy’s story

  • Slowing down and stepping away from consuming other’s work

  • Why she stepped away from talking about body image as much

  • What helped her heal and discover her true purpose

  • What is masculine versus feminine

  • The healthy and toxic versions of masculinity and femininity

  • How to step into your feminine

  • Ways to practice using your feminine energy

  • How to tell when you’re out of balance

  • Why polarity is important (especially in relationships)

  • Stepping into our power

  • We discuss people pleasing and why it’s not our job to make everyone feel comfortable

Favorite highlights

  • Things happen for you, not too you.

  • Feminine energy is like the inward flow of water. It is like Mother Earth, very nurturing and grounding.

  • Feminine energy is the feeling of being held in the woods. Nature is food and life, which is why it makes us feel so connected. It is very receptive and things come inwards.

  • Feminine doesn’t mean female. Only the physical manifestation is female so it’s what our female bodies are in sync with. It’s about community and sticking together.

  • Masculine is about activity and vibrancy and is goal and self focused. It is about knowledge and the things you learn and gain from reading books. It’s a warrior protective energy. Base line is awareness and consciousness.

  • Think of feminine and masculine energy as yin and yang. Opposite but equally as important and one cannot live with one and not the other.

  • It’s not about gender. It’s an energy; the moon and the sun. Your inward and your outward.

  • Water has the potential to destroy a city but it also has the potential to be his beautiful energy that gently rocks your surfboard.

  • It’s ok to not know where you are going in your life and stray from your routine and let things flow naturally like water.

  • People need to hear something 7 times until it resonates and manifests and action.

4. That's So Maven

Davida is the blogger/podcaster/youtuber behind The Healthy Maven, a multi-channel health and wellness platform helping women to live healthFULLY rather than living for their health. She blogs about her travel adventures, lifestyle and healthy yet delicious recipes.

Must Listen Episode

Episode 65- Inflammation with Dr. Will Cole

About the episode

Dr. Cole is an influential functional medicine doctor. This episode jumps deep into inflammation and discusses Cole's new book (Ketotarian).

Here are some other things discussed:

  • A little bit more about functional medicine and how Dr. Cole became a functional medicine doctor

  • What is inflammation and why it’s not all bad

  • What constitutes stress and how mental, physical and lifestyle stress is inflammatory to the body

  • The goldilocks principle and how to regulate inflammation properly

  • The different ways inflammation appears in the body e.g. fatigue, brain fog, acne, joint pain etc…

  • Why is inflammation there in the first place and how to test for it

  • The microbiome and how it’s related to inflammation

  • Probiotics and how they can help your microbiome

  • Foods that help inflammation

  • MTHFR gene mutation – what it is and what to do if you have it

Favorite Highlights

  • Inflammation creates brain Fog

  • Gut takes 18-24 months to heal

  • Microbiome is 75% your immune system

  • We are 10x more bacteria than human - 100 trillion bacteria cells and 10 trillion human cells

  • A less diverse microbiome results in worse health

  • Plant foods feed your gut- these non starchy vegetables contain prebiotics which are food for probiotics

  • Foods work by calming inflammation to a healthy level (they are not immune suppressing like most drugs)

  • Decrease sugar and increase fats (omega from wild fish, nuts, seeds, avo, coconut oil)

  • Our brain is 60% fat

  • Certain vitamins also help with inflammation: A and B

  • Focus on things you can add in vs things you can cut out (listen to what your body loves and be mindful of what it hates)

  • Our skin is a reflection of our microbiome

5. Health, Nutrition, Functional Medicine

Dr. Ruscio Radio

Michael Ruscio, DC is a doctor, clinical researcher and best-selling author whose practical ideas on healing chronic illness have made him an influential voice in functional and alternative medicine.

His research has been published in peer reviewed medical journals and he speaks at integrative medical conferences across the globe.

Dr. Ruscio’s best-selling book, Healthy Gut, Healthy You, has paved the way for a ‘start with the gut’ philosophy which has enabled doctors and patient to obtain improved outcomes with minimal expense and effort.

I am about halfway through his book and highly recommend it. I believe his approach to gut health is very powerful and informative as he uses reliable research to support his beliefs.

He is leading the charge to make alternative medicine more affordable, effective and practical, through a pragmatic application of evidence-based therapies. Dr. Ruscio’s ability to objectively analyze medical literature has made him a trusted voice of reason, a voice he shares on his top-rated podcast and website.

Must listen episode

All Things Gut Health

Favorite highlights

  • General health is on a decline.

  • As we changed our environment to be more hygienic, prolonged lifespan, and moved further away from dirt and germs, there has been a biological trade-off.

  • C-sections: Compelling case that they are overdone. Little argument against an emergency c-section but those being done by choice is being overly done. Some hospitals its about half by choice.

  • We inherit our microbiome from our mothers when it's a vaginal canal birth.

  • Saving a child through a C section is great but it increases their probability of inflammatory and immune conditions later in life because they miss out on bacterial conditions when passing through the vaginal canal.

  • There are always pro's and con's and we have to calculate which holds more weight.

  • Western societies are hyper clean

  • Hygiene hypothesis - so clean and now gut issues bc our immune system aren't exposed to certain things. It's been compounding from generation to generation and is multi-factorial: pollution, food quality, stress

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