How You Can Naturally Double Your Breast-milk Supply

Did you know that breast milk contains bacteria that builds a healthy gut and immune system for newborn infants? Children deprived of this nutrient rich breast milk tend to show symptoms of malnutrition. With that said, more women are searching natural and safe ways to increase breastmilk production.

Over the years our world has experienced a massive increase in highly processed foods, which has resulted in more people experiencing the onset of diseases. People have less access to foods high in vital nutrition, making it critical for nursing mothers to ensure they are getting clean, strong and concentrated nutrition. This will lay the foundation for a healthy gut and strong immune system for the baby.

How can mothers better address this need for better nutrition? Through a powerful plant called Moringa.

Moringa is rich in Vitamins A, B, C as well as Protein, Iron, Magnesium, Potassium and Calcium – all essential compounds for mothers who are nursing their newborn child.

Moringa is also rich in phytosterols like stigmasterol, sitosterol and kampesterol which are precursors for hormones. These compounds increase the estrogen production, which in turn stimulates the proliferation of the mammary gland ducts to produce milk. As such, Moringa has been found to significantly increase milk production. This study found an increase in breast milk production and also an increase in the newborns weight.

A double-blind study on the use of Moringa for augmentation of volume of breast milk among mothers of preterm infants found that those who consumed 250mg of the plant’s leaves twice daily increased milk production by day 5 by a staggering 152 to 176 percent. The study was led by a team of four doctors (Ma. Corazon P. Estrella, M.D., Jacinto Bias V. Man Taring III, M.D., Grace Z. David, M.D., and Michelle A. Taup, M.D.), who concluded "Moringa oleifera leaves increase the volume of breast-milk" and recommended Moringa’s “routine use among mothers of preterm infants to augment lactation, thereby ensuring an adequate supply of breast-milk in the population that needs it the most.”

This provides excellent findings for mothers looking to increase breast-milk flow in a natural and safe way. Plus, there have been no known or reported side effects of consuming Moringa, other than increased energy and focus!

Furthermore, the Moringa tree is considered one of the most sustainable sources of food and energy as it's easy to grow, thrives in harsh environments and can easily withstand drought.

If you live in a tropical or subtropical region you can plant your own tree and harvest the leaves yourself!

While Moringa is highly recommended for nursing mothers, men and women can consume Moringa for optimal nutrition as well. It is recommended to consume the powder form for fast infusion into the blood stream.

If you don't live in the right climate or don't have enough time to harvest these nutritional leaves yourself you can purchase the powder from a reliable supplier like FERA. It's important to know where your Moringa is coming from and how it is harvested, which is why here at FERA we take extra measures to get you the highest quality and most concentrated Moringa powder on the market. You can read more about it here.

One serving (1 teaspoon) of FERA Moringa contains 10X the amount consumed in the study that showed a significant increase in breast-milk flow after only a few days.


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