Why Artificial Vitamins Might Be Harming You

Whether it be from natural or artificial sources, the human body needs vitamins in order to properly and healthily function.

Natural sources of nutrients, like FERA Moringa, organically occur in nature. Artificial vitamins are synthetically manufactured with chemicals; these chemicals are designed to create similar effects as natural vitamins. According to Brian Clement and the Hippocrates Health Institute, over 95% of all vitamin supplements sold today can be considered artificial.


Though artificial vitamins claim to yield the same effects as natural ones, the fact remains that they are chemically engineered, and are not naturally occurring. This leads many artificial vitamins to give extremely concentrated doses of vitamins that harm rather than help bodily health. Also, the body often has trouble recognizing and metabolizing artificially engineered vitamins as they are a foreign substance compared to natural vitamins.

Vitamins A, B1, B2, C, D, and E are among the most harmful synthetic vitamins to take; they often increase toxicity and fatty tissues to an unhealthy level.

FERA Moringa powder naturally contains all these vitamins along with even more vitamins as well as other nutrients. For a natural, vitamin-rich diet, one should look to products like FERA Moringa, which are all natural nutrient and vitamin sources that fulfill one’s daily needs without any chemicals made in a lab.


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