A Quick, Three-Day Moringa Detox

Experience a transformation by eliminating toxins with Moringa over the next 3 days. This detox is designed to fill your body with nourishing ingredients without sacrificing flavor. It will brighten your skin, revitalize your body with natural energy and nourish your organs with powerful nutrition.

Of course everyone wants the “perfect bikini body” for summer but a detox does so much more. It’s a great way to get rid of sugar cravings, increase energy levels and kick-start healthier eating habits after an indulgent 4th of July weekend.

The Detox

These recipes are filled with nourishing, healthy ingredients. While some recipes focus on “gluten-free” or “refined sugar-free” options, the below detox focuses on healthy and wholesome nutrients that will naturally recharge your body. This includes, leafy greens, seasonal produce, medicinal herbs and spices, healthy fats and proteins, and more. I promise you’ll never go hungry or eat bland and boring food! Plus, if you really have a sugar craving it provides some healthy dessert options.

Feel free to supplement your day with herbal teas and lemon or herb infused water.

The Meal Plan

Day 1

Breakfast: Nana Smoothie Bowl

Lunch: Salad of choice sprinkled with Moringa on top

Pick-me-up: Moringa Latte

Dinner: Moringa Mung Beans

Dessert: Moringa Nana Pops

Day 2

Breakfast: 2 Moringa Zucchini Muffins

Lunch: Pesto Butternut Squash Pasta with Turmeric Shrimp

Pick-me-up: Iced Moringa Ginger Tea

Dinner: Vegan Moringa Soup

Dessert: Moringa Pearls

Day 3

Breakfast: Moringa Chia Pudding

Lunch: Moringa Avocado Toast

Pick-me-up: Coconut Moringa Latte

Dinner: Mushroom Brown Rice Risotto with Moringa

Dessert: Moringa Popsicle

Grab a pouch!

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