Facing your fears, healing your gut and reconnecting with your inner child

April & May


To allow yourself to deeply reconnect with your true essence, and build a healthier more fulfilling life. To find meaning and experience all the emotions, good and bad. To disconnect from technology so you can reconnect with yourself and others more intimately and meaningfully. To fuel your body with healthy food and healthy thoughts that empower you to step into your your most vibrant and radiating self.

"People will forget what you did and forget what you tell them but they will never forget how you made them feel." -Maya Angelou

My mission is to make you feel alive again and look at the world with wonder, excitement and awe. To face your fears and open new doors you never knew existed. To feel deeply. To adventure. To be playful and  reconnect with your inner child



Dates: Custom experiences in April and May for 2-10 days
Accommodation: Private or shared room
Location: Casa Naga, Tulum
Airport: Cancun


Wake up each morning with a new unknown adventure. Learn to flow and deeply enjoy the present moment. Embrace new experiences with an open heart. Yoga, meditation, sound journeys, temezcal, musical concerts, cenote adventures, boat rides, dancing, chanting, water therapy, massages and anything else in between to feed your soul.

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