Tepotzlan Retreat

A co-living & co-working retreat experience

August - November


A covid-inspired retreat for those desiring deep human connection in a safe environment. Think beautiful co-working space meets soul nourishing sanctuary in a Tuscan inspired villa. It's an escape for city dwellers who are craving an immersion of nature. Imagine yourself surrounded by creativity, community and forest bathing.

"Your dreams are only limited by your mindset."


A beautiful and mystic mountain town called Tepotzlan, which is about an hour south of Mexico City. 


Dates: August-November with minimum 1 week stay
Accommodation: Private or shared room
Location: Tepotzlan, Mexico
Airport: Mexico City

Transportation: 1 hour Uber ride 

Pricing: Varies per room


You do you. Whether you want to work and create, connect or disconnect, this is the place. The nurturing community here is meant to inspire your creativity and provide a safe and open space to explore your curiosity of life. An environment that helps you break through your fears. Whether that is collaborating on projects with others, exploring your creative talents, enjoying nourishing meals with incredible people or reconnecting with nature, this is a place for you to recharge and become inspired. 


Weekdays will revolve around regular work hours and there will be designated work stations around the house. Nightly meals will be shared as well as weekly sunset hikes, board games and movie nights.

Weekends will be focused around connections, conversations, shared meals, nature, music, naps, sunbathing, pool dips, garden reading, music, dancing, cooking, mushroom ceremonies, artistic creations and much more. 

What's included

Private or shared room 

Yoga 3x a week

Housekeeping &


Co-working space

Covid-19 testing

Daily meals by

in-house chef

Daily meditation

Guided hikes

Weekly workshops

Weekly movie &

game nights

Guided psilocybin


Monthly sound


Your Home

A beautiful estate in the valley of the Tepotzlan mountains. The house is a rustic yet elegant 5 bedroom Tuscan villa at the center of the property. It includes a beautiful pool and outdoor grilling area. This old equestrian estate also includes a nearby stable with beautiful horses. 




King Bed + Ensuite Bathroom

Per week

1 Guest - $1,000/week

2 Guests - $1,500/week

Per month

1 Guest - $3,000/month

2 Guests - $4,000/month


Queen Bed + Ensuite Bathroom

Per week

1 Guest - $1,000/week

2 Guests - $1,500/week

Per month

1 Guest - $3,000/month

2 Guests - $4,000/month



Queen Bed + Ensuite Bathroom

Per week

1 Guest - $1,000/week

2 Guests - $1,500/week

Per month

1 Guest - $3,000/month

2 Guests - $4,000/month


Double Bed + Bathroom

Per week

1 Guest - $800/week

Per month

1 Guest - $2,700/month

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3 Single Beds + Ensuite Bathroom

Per week

Each Guest - $500/week

3 Beds

Per month

Each Guest - $1,500/month

3 Guest Max

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