Moringa is filled with many other beneficial nutrients. 

Here are a few of the other top nutrients:


Chlorphyll - plant pigment responsible for the absorbtion of light and the process of photosynthesis. It helps cleanse the liver, speeds up wound healing, improves digestion and weight control, and protect skin. Chloraphyll has potent anti-inflammatory activities against dangerous bacteria and environmental toxins. 


Carotenoids - helpful for protecting vision, combating cellural damage and supporting cardivascular health. Catrenoids also protect skin, tissue and cells from environments toxins and disease. 


Cytokinins - increases cell division by stimulating the production of proteins. It helps replace dead or damaged cells and allows for growth. 


Flavanoids - famous for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory health benefits. This means flavonoids are effective in reducing free radical damage to cells and other components of body tissue. 


Omega (3,6,9) Oils - The two essential fatty acids the body cann't produce on its own are omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acid. These 2 fatty acids are important for brain developemnt, immune system function, and blood pressure regulation. They can also play an important role in mood and inflammation. The proper ratio of omega 3 to omega 6 you should be consuming is 1:2 but the typical American diet of fast food and frozen entrees results in a ratio of about 1:15.  This means that its incredibly imporant to get omega-3 in your diet. In just 2 tbsp of moringa you get as much omega-3 as you would from an entire serving of salmon. Omega 9 is produced naturally by the body but it is also important to get from your diet. It plays a role in promoting heart health by supporting health, balanced cholesterol levels and improving immune function.


Plant Sterols - helps control cholesterol and improves immune function. 


Polyphenols - An antioxidant and anti-inflammatory that may assist in the prevention of degenerative diseases, particularly cardivascular diseases and cancers. 


Lutein - helps with vision and eye health and also promotes brain health, memory and learning. 


Xanthins - one of the most benefitial antioxidants in nature. Incredibly healthy for your brain and is helpful against age-related forgetfulness. 


Rutin - filled with antioxidant power and reduces the risk of join disease such as arthritis. 


and many more!

Moringa powder

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