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Día de Muertos

Step into the night

This is your invitation to step into the unknown. On the final weekend of October you are invited to immerse yourself in a landscape of sight and sound at our historic Hacienda. A time to honor and and celebrate our ancestors. Prepare  to plunge into unexpected surprises that will captivate all your senses, including our medicinal fire ceremony. An experience where anything goes and the dark side becomes activated.  

"The dead never truly die. They simply change form." - Suzy Kassam


Hacienda Santa Cruz Vista Alegre (2 hours outside Mexico City)


Date: October 31st
Accommodation: Private or shared room
Location: Mazatepec, Mexico (2 hrs from CDMX)

Pricing: $60-$125 per person

Includes: Room, dinner, party, 2 hr open bar


Move, dance, play, experience, taste, connect, express, immerse.

The main party will be on Saturday October 31. We will start with a seated 7pm dinner and transition into the night. Expect a lot of music, dancing, fire ceremonies and unexpected surprises. 


Feel free to come as early as you like on Saturday to enjoy the pool and sunshine. You are also welcome to book your room for the weekend, we have a canyoning adventure on Friday starting at 7am.


 It is necessary to book a room for at least one night, however, you can also choose to stay two or three nights.

. Each room includes: the dinner, two hours of free bar, and  Saturday experience for all its guests.

Pricing depends on room type and ticket quantity.

The total price of the room is meant to be shared by its guests.

The Hacienda

An old monastery that's been converted into a beautiful and rustic Hacienda.


Embrace the muertos. Get as extravagant as you like. 

We will have a makeup station on site at 4pm.

Let your spiritual journey begin

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