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Does Moringa Oleifera Help You Lose Weight? A Scientific Perspective

Determined to loose weight and wondering if Moringa is the new magic supplement? Moringa is beneficial for health in many ways without a doubt, but sometimes it can be difficult to tell which claims are scientifically based and which are just speculation. Embarking on a weight loss journey is very difficult, especially if you have a chronic illness like PCOS or thyroid problems that can make you prone to weight gain. Sometimes it takes a long time and a significant amount of effort even with proper diet and exercise. As a result, people turn to supplements as alternative option or an aid to their weight loss plan. Weight loss is one touted benefit of herbal supplements such as Garcina Cambod

How to Kick your Caffeine Habit With this Superfood

Waking up has come to mean reaching for that first cup of steaming hot Columbian roast or jasmine green tea. Sometimes the potion hits our lips, before our eyes even have a chance to fully open. And as we sip our brew of choice, we’ve grown accustom to that familiar jolt that comes along with it, prepping us to face challenges of the day ahead. After years of teaching our body to depend on that extra kick, the idea of quitting caffeine can seem daunting. Just because we crave caffeine, doesn’t mean it’s doing our body good. That comforting boost is deceptively seductive. Researchers at Johns Hopkins have now recognized caffeine withdrawal as a true medical disorder; they discovered that the

Your First Date With a Plant-Based Diet

If you feel that you are not achieving your fullest potential, or that something just isn’t right in your body, it might be time to take a plant-based diet out on a first date. Plants are the medicine of ancient tradition and of the future. Since the beginning of time, humans ate plants and the human body evolved as a result of this synergistic action: the plants provided vital nutrients which our cells instinctively knew where to send and how to use them to stay healthy and happy. What’s changed since then? What we put in our mouths. Our ancient ancestors were exposed to a large variety of plant species and chemotypes, meaning that their phytochemical exposure (the diversity of plant nutrie

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