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5 Must-Listen-To Health & Wellness Podcasts

Are you a podcast fanatic? If so that makes two of us. But this wasn’t always the case for me. Two years ago you couldn’t pay me enough to listen to podcasts. I heard about the serial rave and gave it a go, only to fall asleep from complete boredom (sorry to all you serial lovers!). Recently I gave it another shot and have been OBSESSED ever since. I started listening to inspiring and empowering podcasts in the health and wellness industry that have motivated me to challenge my personal growth and become more fearless in growing my brand. AirPods have been a complete game changer for listening to my podcasts (and music!). They are a bit of an investment but will change your life. I normally

Why You Should Choose Dirty over Clean

Are you the type A personality who lives a highly hygienic life where everything is clean and sanitary? It may actually be doing more harm to your body than good. Here's why. The human body is 90% bacterial cells. Only 10% of your body contains human cells. What does this mean? Bacteria play a vital role in our health and are actually extremely beneficial for us despite the old stigma that bacteria give us viruses and disease. What we once thought of as "bad" bacteria, such a e. coli and h pylori, can actually be favorable for our health. This ecosystem of bacteria that live anywhere from our mouth to our anus is referred to as the gut microbiome. There are many different microbiomes in our

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