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7 Science Based Benefits of Moringa Oil For Your Skin

Have you recently heard of Moringa oil and wondered if it's shocking benefits could nourish your body and skin? This superplant is now making the radar in the skin and beauty industry due to it's incredibly rich phytonutrients and unique combination of fatty acids. Plus, due to its molecular composition it gets easily absorbed into your skin and leaves no greasy residue. This article will further delve into and discuss scientific studies on how Moringa oil can change your skin. History Moringa oil comes from the seeds of the Moringa tree, which is native to the Himalayas and currently grows in many Asian, African and South American countries. It has been used for centuries but recently gaine

What is Moringa?

Moringa may now be on your radar since Well+Good named it the hottest health trend of 2018. But what exactly is this superfood that everybody is suddenly going crazy for? What is Moringa? The superhero of plants? Although it was discovered thousands of years ago Moringa is considered one of the most impressive supplements to hit the holistic health market. It is commonly referred to as the Drumstick tree (describing the shape of it's pods), Horse Radish tree (referring to the taste of the roots), "Tree of Life" or "Miracle Tree" (due to its economic importance and versatility). Moringa is a tropical tree that contains some of the most nutrient dense leaves on the planet. These nutritional le

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